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You need fair planning to be fast and easy. We're giving you that and more.

COVID-19 has forced college fair planners to look at access and inclusion in a whole new way. Suddenly you need to serve students and families who cannot or will not gather in public places—which means bringing the experience online. But you're a fair planner, not a software engineer. You need to be connecting with colleges and counselors and students, not designing a website. So we've partnered with Swoogo to give you the best of our higher ed experience and the best of their software expertise. And what we've made is so much more than "just a website." If a website were a rocket ship, then we've built the ship, the launchpad, the control center, and the broadcast infrastructure. This partnership isn't just going to take you—and everyone you serve—to new places, it's going to change the way your whole brand is perceived. We're sorry it took a global pandemic to get it into your hands.

Boost Your Brand


Click, drag, boom. Your site is up.


In-person? Online? We can do either... or both.


Set your own pricing. Make a buck or two.

Longer Lifecyle

Online, the fat lady never has to sing.

Increased Visibility

Lasting limelight for your brand.

Complete Event Hub

Plan, communicate, execute, report. From one platform.

Benefit Your Audience


Unlimited info sessions mean colleges and attendees can have it all.

College Search Filter

Like Amazon shopping, but for colleges.

Access and Inclusion

Reach underserved communities. Serve them better.

Sponsorships Beyond the Bag

Better ways to attract sponsors.

Fewer Barriers, More Schools

Taking your event online means more schools can participate.

(Literally) Free Attendance

No entry fees for students, parents, or counselors. When we say free, we mean it.